Cedar Shredders, Central Texas Land Clearing

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Cedar Shredders, Central Texas Land Clearing is a family owned small business. We specialize in cedar and brush clearing that is not only environmentally safe, but beneficial to the land as well. In addition to the environmental benefits, mulching is a very efficient means of clearing requiring no clean up or hauling after completion of the project.  Cedar Shredders is centrally located near Waco, TX providing services in Central Texas, and surrounding areas.

Cedar Shredders is licensed and insured, we can save you time and money, call us for your free estimate today!

Cedar Shredders MulcherHow does Cedar Shredders work?

Our machine is equipped with a hydraulically powered cutting head that allows for quick and efficient removal of cedars and brush. The resulting mulch can be left as coarse product or processed to a finer material. The agility of the machines allows for quick selective removal allowing the landowner to retain the more desirable tree species.

Why Mulching?

The benefits of mulching are many. The mulch left behind helps to prevent soil erosion and returns valuable nutrients back to the soil promoting native grass growth. It also forms a protective barrier helping to hold moisture in the ground as the temperatures rise and the rains begin to slow, much the same way that mulch performs in your landscaping.

Whether you need to clear rows for new fence construction, maintain accessibility for maintenance of existing fence lines, or reclaim pasture/grazing land that has been overtaken by brush or undesirable cedars, mulching is an excellent solution.

Who benefits from Mulching?

Homeowners: applications include clearing for construction projects or reclaiming viewscapes turning your land into a functional and enjoyable property.

Real Estate Professionals – we can help your clients enhance their property value and sell more quickly by improving visibility and enlarging the size of the usable property.

Land owners: applications may include clearing new riding or hiking trails, clearing for wildlife food plots, or senderos for hunting.

Commercial: applications include clearing for new developments, pipeline maintenance, roadside maintenance, and many more.