Lot Clearing and View Scaping by Cedar and Brush Mulching

Location: China Spring, TX

Description: Lot Clearing and View Scaping through Cedar and Brush Mulching

These new property owners needed to quickly clear a prime spot to build a house for their Mother.  Lot clearing and view scaping through cedar and brush mulching was the mission for this project.

As we executed the cedar shredding, we uncovered several beautiful hardwoods, oaks and elms.  Studies show that large cedar trees take in more than 30 gallons of water per day.  By mulching these trees in place, it not only provides more water for the desireable trees, it leaves mulch which will retain moisture in the soil.

In order to give them better views to a future tank and meadow, we cleared additional cedars and ground stumps on the lower section of the property.  This was all done with a 110 horse power CAT 299D2 XHP with CAT HM415 Mulching Head.  No hauling of debris, no burn piles, no erosion issues from pulled out stumps.

In a matter of hours, we can accomplish what would take you weeks, months or years to complete.  Visit our website at www.cedarshredders.com

Time to Completion: 12 hours

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